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Ahwal aur aasaar

Hazrat Noushah Ganj Bakhsh (ra) -Ahwal aur Aasaar

Research thesis by
Professor Doctor Asmat Ullah Zahid (in Punjabi)
Punjab University
Translated (Urdu)
By Sahbzada Tanveer Hussain Noshahi
Published by Noshahia Darbar Hazrat Chambi Wali Sarkar, Sanghoi, District Jehlum

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Click here to watch Ujala program originally broadcasted by PTV about the life of Noshah Ganj Bakhsh


aqeeedah aur amal

Aqeedah Aur Amal - By Sahbzada Pir Sultan Mehboob Hussain Noushahi (r.a.)

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Biography of Chambi Wali Sarkar in Urdu
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Biography of Sahbzada Pir Sultan Mehboob Hussain (ra) in Urdu
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